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Mucon AD18 Iris Diaphragm Valve

The all around versatile Mucon AD Valve (18”) is perfect for FIBC and bulk bag discharge applications. It features a double diaphragm that keeps the product contained from the production environment, a multi-notched valve body and is specifically designed for frequent use with fine powders. This valve is recommended where a larger diameter bag neck is used.

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Double diaphragm for in-line and discharge applications with no leakage to the atmosphere. Robust construction for medium to heavy duties, handling materials up to 1600 kg/m3. In-situ diaphragm adjustment reducing maintenance time. Proven design suitable for frequent operation. Diaphragms selected to suit application. Also well suited to open discharge applications. Multi-notching to enhance flow control. Coatings available to suit the environment and application. Heavy duty poly-coated nylon iris diaphragm for bulk bag applications. Body parts are manufactured from aluminum, zinc and bronze alloys. Nylon triggers and 316 stainless steel screws all combat corrosion. Model 450 (18”) have handwheel operation as standard. IRIS VALVES WILL NOT CLOSE ON STATIC COLUMNS.

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