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MuckyMat™ Utility Mat

49" x 49" Square • Fabric: Coated • Closure: Webbing With Loop • Print: None • Extra: Comes Folded and Rolled in PE Bag With Closure &#149

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The MuckyMat™ Utility Mat is an inexpensive, reusable all-purpose resistant barrier designed to protect the cargo or trunk area of a car or SUV when transporting messy items such as landscape materials, sports gear or hunting supplies. It can be used in a ‘non-slip’ layflat position that secures to the carpet, or a tray position that limits spillage. Folds to a fraction of its opened size for easy in-vehicle storage. The MuckyMat can also be used to protect the carpet or floor during spot paint/repair jobs at the home or office. Many other uses.

Made from woven coated polypropylene, the MuckyMat™ Utility Mat is easy to use and easy to store. The MuckyMat does not need a perfect fit to work well. It can be re-used over and over, and can be washed and air dried.

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