Super Sack® Containers in the Wild!

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Here at BAG Corp, we offer a variety of containers to help you make your work in the enviroment much easier on you and everyone involved. 

The Windmule Utility Bag, Builder's Bag, and the Super Sack Landfill Container are a few of many options we offer to make your outside work more pleasent.  

The Windmule Utility Bag is reliable, strong and long lasting. It is designed to carry or lift tools, products, parts, or materials to hard to reach worksites or locations. 

The Builder's Bag is an inexpensive, yet tough and durable container for handling and transporting stone, gravel, debris, soil or other construction materials. 

The Super Sack Landfill Container is an economical container used for the disposal of debris, contaminated soils, and other hazmat products.