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About BAG Corp

A supply chain partner for today's market.


- 100+ years of combined industry experience. 

- Pioneers of the FIBC industry in North America.

- In-house engineers exclusively focused on your success.

- Numerous patents for innovative FIBC solutions.


BAG Corp has been engineering FIBCs, helping businesses grow, and meeting supply chain goals for well over four decades. We understand what enterprises need to succeed and compete in today's markets, as we are a total bulk handling and supply chain solutions provider structured to help businesses manage all of their bulk handling needs from one source. Established in 1969 and based in Dallas, Texas with national and international operations, BAG Corp manufactures the Super Sack® container and related products. BAG Corp’s manufacturing resources feature our North American manufacturing operation located in Juarez, Mexico in combination with our global manufacturing and warehousing partners. This virtually limitless production capacity allows us to provide bulk bags in a timely, cost-effective manner. All of our FIBCs meet the tough BAG Corp specification and performance standards. In addition, we stock over 300,000 FIBCs for immediate delivery at warehouse locations around the world.
Whether you are an executive trying to optimize your supply chain or a CEO looking to get greater ROI from your value chains, we know exactly what you are going through.  We have helped hundreds of clients overcome similar challenges using our systematic approach to bulk handling.

But more importantly, we want our clients to succeed.  We help them meet their supply chain goals through engineering and technical support to supply chain and logistics management.  This ensures your product and brand are delivered with integrity every time.